Wrongful Death of a Minor in St. Louis County

If you lost a loved one due to another person’s negligence, you are likely experiencing intense grief and sadness. You might be feeling lost, confused, and unsure about how to move forward. Fortunately, you usually have legal options for pursuing justice if someone else’s carelessness took your child.

For instance, you can work with an experienced wrongful death attorney to file a comprehensive civil claim. While monetary damages will likely not fully compensate for the emotional toll associated with this unexpected loss, they could provide you with the money you need to get your family life back on track. When it comes to the wrongful death of a minor in St. Louis County, a compassionate and hardworking attorney from Mutrux Firm Injury Lawyers could take over your case, handling all the processes while you focus on recovering.

Causes of Minor Wrongful Death

When it comes to the unexpected and unfair passing of a minor, there are some unique causes and factors that might not apply to a typical wrongful death case.

In many local claims, children suddenly pass away due to car crashes, gunshot wounds, swimming fatalities, electrocutions, or the lack of supervision at daycares or schools.

Preexisting Conditions and Negligence

In some wrongful death cases involving minors, a child might have passed away due to a tie between carelessness and pre-existing health conditions. For example, if a minor loses their life at daycare or school due to an allergic reaction that could have been prevented with proper care and attention, a legal advocate might be able to use this as evidence of negligent behavior and submit a claim.

Regardless of what contributed to the child’s death, these situations are tragic and deserve the attention of a legal advocate. Determining the exact cause of a minor’s wrongful death is a crucial part of collecting a money award, and a tenacious St. Louis County attorney could thoroughly investigate the accident in question.

Why is Compensation for the Wrongful Death of a Minor Unique?

One aspect that makes wrongful death cases involving minors stand out is that Missouri laws do not cap the available compensation. This means that a family could acquire substantial monetary damages after losing a child.

To begin determining the value of an award, legal representatives and courts might examine the life, income, and financial status of the minor who passed away. This would help them get a clear picture of what the individual’s life could have been like had they not passed away in the accident. Additionally, a family can usually collect money that recompensates them for their emotional suffering or reduced enjoyment of daily life.

A diligent lawyer in St. Louis County could oversee the damage award process to ensure that a grieving family collects the full extent of compensation they deserve. The wrongful death of a minor greatly impacts the rest of a family’s life, and a compassionate representative could fight to argue this in a claim.

Retain an Attorney for the Wrongful Death of a Minor in St. Louis County

Losing your child to the negligent, reckless, or careless conduct of another person is always a traumatic experience. If this happened to you, your family deserves the best representation from Mutrux Firm Injury Lawyers to help you recover.

Missouri laws do not cap money compensation for the wrongful death of a minor in St. Louis County, so you should reach out to a skilled lawyer when you are ready to act. A hardworking team member could assess the accident, figure out who needs to assume liability, or resolve any complications that arise when you begin assembling your claim. Call today to learn more.