Mutrux Firm Injury Lawyers

Krista Nance

CARES Team Specialist

Compassion to the Core

My name is Krista, and I am a CARES Team Specialist at Mutrux Firm. Some of my prior work includes Office management, insurance billing and coding, and Real Estate!

As a CARES Team Specialist at MF, it is my job to talk with you as a potential new client to get all the information we need to see if we can  help with your injury. If we can’t, I’ll find someone who can! Throughout your case, I will call you to see how you’re doing emotionally, physically,
and mentally. I am here to make sure you are satisfied with all the services our MF team has provided. We care, and we want you to feel heard.

Being able to call and talk to our client’s one on one for a few minutes is so rewarding. So many clients tell us it feels wonderful to be treated as  the individual person they are instead of a case number!

Why should you hire us? At Mutrux Firm, we are family here. The bond we share carries over into the care we give to our clients. We treat each  case according to the client’s individual needs, instead of treating them all the same. By the time we close your case, you will be a part of the
MF family too.