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Traci Hoover

Traci Hoover

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A Warm, Empathetic Wordsmith

Traci Hoover grew up in St. Louis, Missouri and, when she wasn’t belting out Madonna in her mom’s car, found herself voraciously reading any book she could get her hands on. When it was time for college, Traci attended Missouri State University, where she was on the Dean’s List about four times and graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Fine Arts: Acting/Performance. She had been in several college productions, a showcase in Los Angeles, and a web series which has, so far, never seen the light of day.

For a few years after college, Traci lived in Kansas City, Missouri where she studied French, Italian, and creative writing. From there, she moved to Dayton, Ohio and attended the University of Dayton School of Law, where she received a CALI award for Legal Innovations. Finding her passion in law, Traci found a way to combine her passions and joy for reading, writing, public speaking, and engaging with people.

After passing the Ohio Bar Exam in 2018, she moved to Columbus, Ohio and worked in document review and in family law. In family law, Traci worked on divorces, child custody, child support, alimony, and other such cases. However, living in Ohio was cold and Traci hates snow with a passion previously unknown to earth or mankind. Unable to take the ridiculous amount of ice and snow every year any longer (or having to bundle up more than three layers!), she convinced her husband that they should pack up their dog and return to her beloved St. Louis, Missouri.

After passing the Missouri Bar Exam in February 2020, Traci merrily accepted a position as an Associate Attorney at the Mutrux Firm that same year and found a home away from home (while still working from home). Not only does she deeply enjoy and respect the people she works alongside each day, but she loves getting to know their clients and helping where she can. Traci gets a great amount of joy from making clients happy and will fight tirelessly to do so. She has drafted numerous Petitions and Motions, crafted discovery, and has helped “wordsmith” more than a few emails and letters in pursuit of this goal. Is it possible some of those emails have been a bit sassy? Of course! But only if it can still be classy!

In her free time, Traci enjoys spending time with her husband, their two dogs and new baby, “Finn,” reading, writing, and working on her roleplaying site (“it’s like Dungeons and Dragons, but better because there’s no math needed”). She also enjoys playing video games, watching
sci-fi, learning random historical facts, and being a genuine, down-to-earth nerd.


Traci Hoover


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Tyson is the managing partner of Mutrux Firm, LLC in St. Louis, Missouri. Mutrux Firm, LLC is uniquely qualified to handle Personal Injury Litigation cases in Missouri and Illinois. Tyson’s previous positions include clerkships with the St. Louis County Prosecutor’s Office, the Hammer Law Firm, and Dunne, Koenig, & Green. Tyson Mutrux served one year on the executive board of the Bar Association of Metropolitan St. Louis Young Lawyers Division. Later, he served as a Representative and as a Delegate to the American Bar Association.

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