What Happens if You Have Been Audited for Missouri Medicaid Fraud?


Attorney Greg Klote describes in this video What Happens if You Have Been Audited for Missouri Medicaid Fraud.

Hi, this is Greg Klote here from the Mutrux Law Firm and today we’re going to talk about what happens if you’ve been audited by Missouri Medicaid.

What happens is, typically Missouri Medicaid requires you to turn in certain documents each year. Then they pick certain medical providers that they are going to audit. Typically in these audits, then can happen two ways: 1) they can request documents from you to have them sent to the Attorney General’s Office in Jeff City, and their going to review these documents. Documents could include; timesheets, billing sheets, office work habits and things like that.

The other way they can do it is they can come into your office, and they can set up a station to monitor you while you guys work, follow your billing practices, follow your correspondence, follow the timesheets of your employees.

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