Don’t Settle Your Personal Injury Case Too Early

Attorney Tyson Mutrux describes in this video why you shouldn’t settle your injury case too early.

Hi! Tyson Mutrux with the Mutrux Law Firm here. Today I want to talk about not settling your case too early.

What I’m talking about is taking the first offer that they give you or one of their earliest offers. A lot of times, they’ll say, “We’ll give you five hundred bucks and your medical bills paid for,” and a lot of times people take it because they say, “Okay.” That can prevents you from getting an attorney involved sometimes. But if you do have an attorney, what they’re trying to do is “lowball” you. They’ll lowball you from the get-go and then gradually go up over time. What you’re fighting against is, the insurance adjusters are rated based upon the age of the case. The older the case, the lower the rating. So, the more money they’re willing to throw at it.

Another danger of selling your case too early is often times your medical treatment is not done. So, you’re not able to lump that into the settlement. If you’ve asked any medical bills after the settlement, well, you’re on hope for those. It doesn’t get included in the settlement, and you don’t have the safeguards of the lien statute and other things like that where you can negotiate those liens down. So, I want to stress, do not settle your case too early because it will only be harmful to you and your case.