Do I Have a Personal Injury Case?

This should be your first question when considering pursuing a personal injury claim. Frankly, you might not have a case. But hopefully we’ve put together enough information on this website to help you figure out whether you should proceed. When in doubt, call us at 888.550.4026 and we’ll answer your questions for free. Click below to learn more…

What you have to prove for your personal injury case

Now that you think you have a case, you need to make sure you get the best medical care you can. Why? Because it’s your health! A common mistake is “toughing it out.” But you have to remember that you can’t come back in ten years and ask for money for your medical bills. You need to get medical treatment now. Click below to learn more…

Alright, you’re getting medical care. Now what? There are a few things you can do to maximize the value of your injury claim to make sure you get every dollar you’re legally entitled to. Much of it has to do with your medical care, but there are a few other things as well. Click below to learn more…

You’re getting treatment. You’re making sure you do all the right things. Now the bills are flowing in. Now what? How do you deal with the bill collectors? We have the answers you need. Click below to learn more…

You’ve completed treatment. You’re ready to get your case wrapped up. But how much is your case worth? How do you value it? What is an injury worthy? Click below to learn more…

But wait, my car! Don’t worry, we didn’t forget about your precious car. We put this here because we care more about YOU getting better than your car. But we get it, that’s your baby. Click below for some tips on how to get your vehicle repaired and/or how to get the most for your vehicle.

Do I need a Personal Injury Lawyer?

You might be surprised to hear this, but not everyone needs a personal injury lawyer? Many cases can be handled on your own without the assistance of a personal injury lawyer. If any of the following apply to you or a loved one, then speak to a lawyer right away:

  • The medical bills are or will be over $3,000;
  • You expect your treatment to last more than three weeks. 
  • You suffered scarring, broken bones, a head injury (even if it’s just a headache);
  • The insurance company is denying your claim;
  • The injury was caused by a car crash and the other driver doesn’t have insurance;
  • The injuries occurred while as a pedestrian or on a bike, motorcycle or scooter; 
  • The injury was caused by a car crash and you don’t have insurance;
  • The injury was caused by a defective product; 
  • Your injury was caused by a semi or tractor trailer crash; or
  • Death or life-altering catastrophic injury.

You may still want a lawyer at this point and that’s completely fine. We’ll be happy to speak to you about your personal injury case and answer any questions you have. 

Can a Personal Injury Lawyer Really Help?

Absolutely. While no personal injury lawyer can guarantee results (the Missouri Bar prohibits lawyers from guaranteeing results), many studies show that having a personal injury lawyer can make a difference. In fact, our office has many examples of cases where we were able to get a much better result than if the had handled the cases on their own.

Should I speak to a personal injury lawyer before giving a recorded statement to the insurance company?

Okay, this is a trick question. In most cases, you should never give a recorded statement to the insurance company. But if you do, don’t even think about doing it without at least first speaking to a personal injury lawyer. Even better, you should have a personal injury lawyer on the phone with you when you give the statement. 

Two major exceptions are uninsured motorist and underinsured motorist claims through your insurance company. This is because you may have a legal obligation to cooperate with your insurance company.