St. Louis County Truck Accident Lawyer

It is nearly impossible for any person to travel in St. Louis County and not interact with a commercial vehicle. From smaller box trucks, to construction vehicles, large trucks are an ever-present sight on the road. While these vehicles are an essential method of transportation and commerce, they do present a danger to others when their operators do not take appropriate care. A momentary lapse of concentration, distracted driving, or a look at a cell phone could result in serious injuries.

If you have endured an injury following a truck accident, you may have the right to substantial compensation. This can include payments for medical bills, lost earnings, and mental anguish. A St. Louis County truck accident lawyer could help you to demonstrate that a negligent trucker or their employer is responsible to provide these payments. To get started working on your case, be sure to get in touch with a trusted injury attorney today.

Recoverable Damages in a Truck Collision Case

Victims may be able to recover for any medical costs sustained as a result of a truck accident. In order to accurately calculate the amount of money that was spent on medical treatment, victims should share with their attorney any medical bills that they may have. A claim could also examine the economic impact of the accident. Plaintiffs may demand payments to cover the value of lost property as well as their lost income due to the injuries.

Finally, a case should make demands for the emotional impact of the accident. Truck accidents are traumatic events, and claims for damages can insist on payments for pain and suffering, PTSD, and a general loss of quality of life. A St. Louis County truck accident lawyer could help people to evaluate their cases and to make claims for appropriate compensation.

Issuing Liability in a Truck Wreck

Large commercial vehicles pose a hazard to all other people who travel on St. Louis County roads. Their size makes them slow to stop in an emergency, and any collision between a truck and a smaller car can result in disaster. Drivers of these massive vehicles must take the utmost care to prevent accidents. This includes driving according to the rules of the road, making sure to keep their attention on their surroundings, and only driving under hours approved under federal trucking regulations.

However, just because a truck is much larger than other vehicles on the road does not automatically mean that the driver is responsible following an accident. All personal injury cases in the state use a concept called comparative negligence to assign blame after accidents.

According to MO Statute §537.765, juries must apportion blame to all parties based on their contributions to the incident. If a plaintiff shares some of this blame, the jury must reduce their award by this percentage. A St. Louis County truck accident lawyer could help people to demonstrate that a trucker or their parent company was the sole party responsible for the accident.

Retain the Services of a St. Louis County Truck Accident Attorney

The days and weeks following a truck accident could be especially frustrating for victims suffering from severe personal injuries and expensive medical costs. Fortunately, legal assistance may be available to those looking to obtain compensation for their injuries. However, the prospect of filing a claim against a large trucking corporation or their insurance company may be intimidating.

A St. Louis County truck accident lawyer may be able to help. They can take the necessary steps to preserve evidence, to measure your losses, and to protect your rights during every step of the case. Contact a St. Louis County truck accident lawyer today to schedule an appointment.