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The police are here to protect our communities, but sometimes they use excessive and unreasonable force, leading to misconduct and brutality. This happens when they don’t follow proper procedures, lose their temper, or assault someone who has been arrested.

If a police officer has assaulted or verbally abused you during an arrest, it’s possible that your rights have been violated. Police misconduct and brutality occur when an officer uses too much force to arrest or detain you. If this has happened to you, one of our attorneys can help protect your rights and hold the relevant agency accountable.

When the Police Go Too Far, We Are Here to Help.

If you or a loved one has been a victim of police brutality or misconduct, it’s important to talk to an experienced attorney. The attorney can help answer many questions that come up during the investigation of an excessive force claim.

Police officers and their lawyers may argue that you were doing something illegal or dangerous or that you are at fault for your injuries. They may also try to show that the police didn’t use excessive force. However, there are cases where officers try to hide their use of excessive force and brutality. They may cover up facts or lie about what happened to protect themselves or others.

It’s important to have an attorney who is experienced in dealing with the police and who can protect your rights. Many times, police brutality and misconduct will include the following uses of excessive force:

  1. The use of weapons like batons, flashlights, nightsticks, pepper spray, tasers
  2. Use of excessive force by beating, kicking, punching, etc.
  3. Police dog bites
  4. Handcuff injuries
  5. Takedowns and chokeholds, including deaths from asphyxiation

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st louis police abuse and misconduct lawyer

What Constitutes Excessive and Unreasonable Use of Tasers?

Police misconduct often involves the excessive use of Tasers. Tasers are supposed to temporarily disable a person, but when police use them excessively, it can lead to severe injuries and even death. The use of a taser multiple times can result in heart attacks, seizures, and death. This includes cases where Tasers are used on children or teenagers.

If you or a loved one has been injured by a police officer using a Taser, contact us today to speak with one of our experienced attorneys in police brutality and excessive force cases.

When are Police Permitted to Respond with Deadly Force?

Police are only permitted to use deadly force in very specific situations. The police may only respond with deadly force when they believe that they, or someone else, is in immediate danger.

Deadly force can include the use of:

  1. Firearms
  2. Flashlights
  3. Tasers
  4. Choke Holds
  5. Batons or Night Sticks

If your loved one was killed by a law enforcement agencies’ excessive force or brutality, work with one of our dedicated lawyers today.

Jail Neglect and Abuse

If you or your loved ones have suffered physical harm, emotional harm, or death by corrections officers or jail authorities, call us today.  Inmates and prisoners have constitutional rights, and we are here to help protect them.

Jail abuse and neglect can take on several forms.  Here are some of the more common cases:

  1. Assault and Abuse – this includes beatings and assaults by corrections officers or other jail personnel. It also includes the failure of authorities to segregate violent inmates.
  2. Cruel and Unusual Punishment – this includes withholding food, medicine, retaliation for reports of abuse or misconduct.
  3. Medical Negligence/Mental Illnesses – this includes the failure or facility doctors and medical staff to diagnose and treat serious condition or withholding necessary medical care or medication. This can also include failing to diagnose and protect inmates from other emotionally disturbed prisoners or from themselves. On the extreme end of this is failing to provide psychiatric care and appropriate suicide prevention.
  4. Failure to supervise – this includes failing to provide an adequate number of staff, officers, etc. to provide a safe environment at the facility.  In many cases, understaffing and failing to provide appropriate supervision can lead to inmates being seriously injured or even killed.

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