Mutrux Firm Injury Lawyers

Kristen Weese

Office Administrator

Team Builder and Coordination Expert

Hi everyone! I am Kristen and I have the great opportunity to be the Office Administrator at Mutrux Firm Injury Lawyers. If it’s going on behind the scenes, I probably have my hand in it somehow! I love to help our team members in little ways every day. I am also responsible for much of our firm’s Hiring process and new employee onboarding. Basically, I just love people. I love supporting our team, so they can support the communities we serve. If I can help keep the office running smoothly, our legal team has more time to focus on you! Which is what matters most to us.

I have prior experience as a Doctor’s assistant. I also have experience in multi- location office management. One of my past responsibilities included helping patients with their injury claims and communicating with law firms on their behalf. I feel like MF was always part of my plan, I just didn’t know it until my first call with Tyson.

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