St. Louis County Premises Liability Lawyer

Landowners owe a sense of safety and security to guests that are visiting their property. When this duty of care is not given to guests, they may be susceptible to significant injury. Victims may be able to recover compensation if it can be proven that the property owner failed to provide a safe environment for their guests or failed to warn them of any existing hazards on the premises.

A St. Louis County premises liability lawyer may be able to help you if you have suffered an injury while visiting another person’s property. A practiced injury attorney may be able to evaluate your damages, determine which defendants may carry liability, and work to protect your right to fair compensation.

What is the Importance of Determining a Visitor’s Status?

Establishing a plaintiff’s visitor status is a primary step in premises liability cases. In general, a landowner only has a duty to maintain their land in a way that keeps it safe for invited visitors. Trespassers rarely have the right to demand compensation since the landowner had no notice that they would be there, and thus, no duty to keep the area safe. A St. Louis County premises liability lawyer could help to evaluate a plaintiff’s rights as an invited guest and to evaluate their injuries to make an appropriate claim for damages.

Demonstrating Landowner Fault in a Premises Liability Claim

It is the responsibility of the plaintiff in a premises liability claim to demonstrate that a landowner failed to keep their property safe for their invited guests. A plaintiff must be able to point to specific evidence where a defendant failed to properly maintain their land or fix a known defect. This can include showing that a defendant should have known about a spill in an aisle, failed to clear a sidewalk of snow after the night’s accumulation, or knew that their security cameras were faulty. A St. Louis County premises liability lawyer could help individuals gather evidence concerning defendant landowner fault.

What is Shared Liability?

Plaintiffs should also be prepared to justify their own actions. Courts in St. Louis County utilize a concept of law called comparative negligence. This means that a defendant in an accident case can allege that a plaintiff failed to take the steps necessary to preserve their own well-being and thus contributed to their own injuries. If a court believes this to be the case, the jury can reduce or negate a plaintiff’s compensation award.

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Suffering an injury after visiting another person’s property can put you in an tough position. You may be enduring an injury that requires months of treatment and accumulating thousands of dollars of medical bills. At the same time, you may be missing time at work or suffering intense mental anguish. A St. Louis County premises liability lawyer could help you to obtain the payments needed to set things right with as little stress as possible. To get started on your case, be sure to schedule a consultation today.