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What Our Clients Are Saying

Tyson is not just an exceptional attorney, but an exceptional individual in every regard. Whether you work with Tyson as a fellow attorney or client, you will quickly learn that he values honesty, integrity, and sincerity in his dealings with you. Take one look at his curriculum vitae and you’ll see the undeniable evidence of a driven individual who will use all of his resources and talents to assist you in your situation.

- Jason Going

I was totally overwhelmed by the amount of documents I needed to process after my accident. I contacted Tyson and he come to my home and explained everything. It was relief to have him take over, and work with me.Tyson takes the time to explain each step of the settlement process and answer all questions. I would highly recommend him.

- Judy L.

Valuable resource for not only clients, but other attorneys. Tyson knows what he’s doing, knows what he is talking about, and has the experience needed to represent clients in complex legal disputes.

- Dan M.

When I met Tyson Mutrux, he was kind and patient. He knew how the law worked and was able to take me step by step through the process of my accident case. I was very satisfied with his service and his compassion after meeting with him. They handled my case very seriously and I won it for me.

- Jessica V.

Tyson is great. He was very professional in dealing with my auto accident case and explained to me what had to be done. He helped me settle out my claim so that I could pay all my medical bills and have plenty of money left over. I highly recommend this lawyer

- Meg v.
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