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“What practice areas or what types of cases do you handle?”

Answer: We handle exclusively personal injury cases, which involve car crashes, whether they be distracted driving or victims of drunk driving, or just negligent trucking drivers and trucking companies.

We also handle premises liability cases, which typically people think of as “slip and falls” or “fall down” cases. These usually happen on someone’s property due to poor maintenance of the property or failure to warn people of the potential dangers on the property.

Another area we handle is dog bite or dog attack cases where the dog has either bitten or injured someone by causing significant scarring or where a dog has aggressively come after a person and knocked them to the ground, causing significant injury.

“Why don’t you handle cases like criminal defense, traffic, DWI, etc?”

Answer: We don’t handle other types of cases because at our firm we want to be exclusively dedicated to knowing every single nuance there is about injury law. If there is a new case that comes out that affects an injured party, we want to be the ones to know it. We want to be the ones that are exclusively handling injury cases. We want to be the ones that are using the new techniques to improve the settlements or recoveries for injury clients. If we are dabbling in other cases in other areas like some firms do and some practitioners do, we aren’t dedicating ourselves fully to our injury clients. We have made a commitment to be an injury law firm. We provide complete injury law care, meaning we are going to know injury law inside and out so that our clients benefit from our exclusive and niche representation.

“Geographically, where do you handle cases?”

Answer: Predominantly we handle cases in St. Louis City, St. Louis County, Jefferson County, St. Charles County, Boone County, Montgomery County, Audrain County, Miller County, and Callaway County. However, we handle cases throughout the states of Missouri and Illinois.

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