How to Maximize the Value of Your Injury Case

Half of getting the full value of your case depends on you. The key is following through on the things YOU need to do.

If You’re in Pain, Get Treatment Now (don’t delay)

If you’re hurt, the only way you’re going to get better is by getting treatment. The only way you’re going to get paid by the insurance company is by documenting your injuries. That means you have to go to the doctor.

Stop trying to tough it out. That will get you ZERO. Get the treatment you deserve so you can get the money you deserve.

Get ALL of the Treatment You Need

Okay, so you went to the doctor. Now what? Follow up and get a referral to another doctor if you’re not getting better. The normal progression is Physical Therapy/Chiropractic Care -> Pain Management -> Surgical Intervention. Make sure you follow this progression unless your doctor tells you otherwise.

Follow Your Doctor’s Advice

Want to screw up your case? Then don’t follow your doctor’s advice. This is the BIGGEST way to not get the full value of your case. If you miss appointments or don’t follow the advice of your doctor, then the insurance company will claim you weren’t very injured.

Follow Your Injury Lawyer’s Advice

Injury law is a highly specialized profession. The insurance industry pumps billions of dollars into advertising for the sole purpose of minimizing claims and the amount of claims. The industry spends billions more on lobbying for so-called “tort reform” to make it difficult for injury lawyers to help you recover the compensation and treatment you deserve.

On the flip-side, injury lawyers spend thousands