Tips to Boost Your Property Damage Claim Value

Attorney Greg Klote describes in this video how to maximize the value of your property damage claim.

This is Greg Klote here from the Mutrux Law Firm and today we’re going to talk about how to maximize the value of your property damage claim.

Typically what we hear from clients is they’re getting back responses from an insurance company and they’re asking us, “Why are they valuing claims so low?” There are are several factors that the clients can do to increase the value of their claim.

First, is to get multiple estimates of your vehicle. If you get multiple estimates of your vehicle you’re showing your insurance company that you’re making an effort and that multiple people say the value is worth a certain amount. Another thing to do is do some research online, or even talk to people. If you go to (Kelley Blue Book) or websites like that, they will give you the value of vehicles of your same year, make, model and wear and tear.

If you are able to compile all of this information for the insurance company, it helps them to make a better decision and increase the value of your claim. If you have any questions, call the Mutrux Law Firm at (888) 550-4026. Thanks!

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Tyson Mutrux