Information to Collect After an Injury from a Car Crash or Fall

Knowing what to collect after an accident can be difficult to know if this your first time going through the injury process.

This is why we’ve created a helpful form at the bottom of this page so you can easily keep track of all of your information in one convenient place. Just print this page and write your answers. If you would like an electronic copy, let us know by email or phone.

But first, we want to explain why you need this information.

Information to Collect During or After an Injury Involving a Car Crash or a Slip and Fall

Name and Address of Ambulance Service

You might assume that this information would be included in your medical records. You’d be wrong. Just because you arrived by ambulance, that doesn’t mean the nurses and doctors know which ambulance service delivered you to them. If possible, try to get this information right away because it can be difficult to find later on.

You’ll need this information for two reasons. First, to obtain your records and bills from the ambulance provider. Second, your medical records can contain valuable information about what happened. This is because the first responders and paramedics will sometimes speak to witnesses at the scene and note what they were told.

Name and Address of the Emergency Room

Information about the emergency room is much easier to find. Make sure you put this in a safe place so that you can collect your records and bills.

You will need the emergency room information so you can collect your records and bills. You will be unable to intelligently negotiate your case without having these records.

Names and Addresses of all Doctors and Chiropractors

When is the last time you went to the doctor? What was her name? What about a doctor you saw three years ago? Four years ago? You get my point. Some personal injury cases can take years to complete, especially the larger cases. Make sure you keep all of this information in one place so you can retrieve them later.

Like for the ambulance and the emergency room, you will need this information to obtain records and bills to negotiate your case.

Dates Admitted to All Emergency Rooms, Hospitals, Chiropractors or Any Other Medical Provider

So you have all of the information store about the providers in a safe place. That’s enough, right? Wrong.

When requesting your records, especially when using a personal injury lawyer, you are going to need to know the dates of service. This is extremely important. Not having this information can cause your case to be delayed.

Names of All People Who Were Involved in the Accident/Fall

Take a picture of them and their license. Get detailed information about them if you can. Why? Some people lie. Some people steal ID cards and pass them off as their own. If this happens, your case could be over before it starts.

Names and Addresses of Witnesses to the Accident/Fall

People, by nature, have good intentions. They stop, they help, they leave. And before you know it, they’re gone and you don’t have a witness to support your case. Or worse, they gave you a phone number but you wait months to call – now you can’t reach them because their phone has changed.

Get detailed information from the witness so you or your injury lawyer can track them down later.

Employer Information and Dates You Missed Work Because of the Accident/Fall

Keep a detailed log of the work you miss. This is because you can be compensated for the time you’re away from work and/or any lost business opportunities.

Insurance Company, Insurance Adjuster, and Insurance Claim Number

Not all insurance companies are created equal. With the large ones, we can typically call an 800 number, give them your name of the name of the person that hit you, and they will be able to pull up the claim. But others are terrible. If you don’t have the right name and claim number, you might never reach the right person.

Get this information and make sure it’s correct.

Health Insurance Information

Whether you have insurance can have a tremendous effect on your injury claim, especially in Missouri because of recent changes to tort laws (so-called “tort reform” – tort reform is a joke, but don’t get us started).

Knowing this information can help your personal injury lawyer advise you on the best way to get you every penny you deserve.

Medical Payment Coverage Information (specific to auto insurance policies)

This is commonly referred to as “medpay” or PIP coverage. It’s an optional coverage that reimburses you for your medical bills. Having this can put thousands of dollars into your pocket, so if you don’t have it now, definitely add it to your policy.

If you don’t know whether you have this, call your insurance agent and ask for your “declarations page.” This will tell you exactly what coverages you have.