Should I Sign The Insurance Company’s Medical Release?

Attorney Tyson Mutrux describes in this video whether you should sign the insurance company’s medical release?

Tyson Mutrux: Hi, Tyson Mutrux with the Mutrux Law Firm. Today I’m answering the question of should I sign the insurance company’s medical release which is also referred to as a HIPPA release. The answer to that question is no and if you sign one, the first thing you need to do is you need to send a letter to the insurance company revoking that release. If you have an attorney, you need to contact your attorney right away, let them know that you’ve signed that release so that they can revoke that release because what that release does, it actually allows the insurance company to get all of your medical records and bills even past medical records and bills and the only reason why they’re going to get those is to reduce the value of your claim which you don’t want to happen.

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