What Clients Should do When Considering Settling Their Case

Attorney Greg Klote describes in this video What Clients Should do When Considering Settling Their Case.

This is Greg Klote from the Mutrux Law Firm and today we’re going to be talking about what clients should do when they are thinking about settling their case. Now there are a couple things that clients should think about:

  1. Do they need the money right now? Do they need help with anything else?
  2. Will their injuries be worse in the future, or are their injuries pretty much resolved? If they believe they are going to need more medical treatment in the future, if they settle their case now then they are not going to be able to bring any case in the future, and could limit their possibilities at recovery.
  3. The third thing that clients should think about when settling their case is just the value. Sometimes insurance companies increase the value of their case, if you file a lawsuit, go through the litigation process and prepare for trial.

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