Attorney Tyson Mutrux describes in this video the most crucial point in a personal injury case

Hi! Tyson Mutrux with Mutrux Finney, P.C.. Today I’m talking about the most crucial point in a personal injury case.

 Now a lot of times people think that the most important part of a case is the trial or something like that, and it really isn’t. The vast majority of personal injury cases don’t even get tried. Our firm tries more than most. A lot of personal injury attorneys don’t try any cases. What they do is they get your case. They get to a certain point where they don’t want to litigate it, and they form it out, which we don’t think tried. But we don’t do it that way.

 So, the most important part of a personal injury case is the first few weeks after the accident occurs. That’s because a lot of things have to be done at the very beginning of the case to secure the evidence. If it’s an auto accident case, the vehicle needs to get secured. And if it’s a very serious accident, the black box or the event data recorder needs to be removed from the vehicle. Witnesses need to be interviewed, things like that.

 If you don’t do it at the very beginning, a lot of times the witnesses will go away; numbers will change; addresses will change; you’ll never be able to talk to them. If it’s a vehicle you really need to get those event data recorders. Those vehicles will get sold off by the insurance company and will disappear forever, and you’ll never find them, so you have to secure the evidence in the first few weeks of the case; otherwise, it will go away forever. That could be your only chance to prove that the other side’s at fault.


Attorney Tyson Mutrux describes in this video the three things you want to get from the insurance company for your injury case

Hi! Tyson Mutrux here with Mutrux Finney, P.C.. Today I want to talk about the three things you want to get from the insurance company when they try to contact you about your personal injury case.

First thing is fault. You want to get a letter from them indicating that you are not at fault for the accident and that their insured is at fault.

The second thing is you want to get the policy limits that are applicable to your claim, so you want to know how much money is available to your claim.

The third thing is you want them to commit to giving you the witness statements that they have obtained from other people because you want to have copies of those for your own records.


Attorney Tyson Mutrux describes in this video the four tricks insurance companies use during injury cases

Hi! Tyson Mutrux here with Mutrux Finney, P.C.. Today I’m talking about the four tricks that insurance companies use whenever they’re handling your personal injury case.

Number 4 is they try to delay the case as long as they can. They delay, they delay, they delay because they know that you’re gonna be getting collection notices from hospitals, doctors wanting their money. They know that you’re gonna get scared. It’s affecting you a lot more than it’s affecting the insurance adjuster, so they know that you’re gonna be more likely to settle the case.

Now it leads to Number 3. They start asking for more and more unnecessary information. They ask for a lot of things when it comes to your family, other treatment you got prior to this case. They keep asking for more and more until the case keeps dragging out more and more.

Number 2 is they’re gonna start picking apart your liability. They’re gonna say that you’re 5%, 10%, 15%, 20% at fault, and every percentage point that they say that you’re at fault is more money that comes out of your pocket.

And that leads to Number 1. Number 1 is very similar to Number 2. They start to pick apart your medical bills and your medical treatment. They start making claims that, “The treatment’s unnecessary,” or “It’s unrelated. It’s related to some sort of other injury that you got in the past.” And so it’s the same thing as with liability, they’re gonna start taking money out of your pocket by saying that the treatment’s not necessary. Remember, you’re on hook for those bills; they’re not.


Attorney Tyson Mutrux describes in this video why you shouldn’t settle your injury case too early.

Hi! Tyson Mutrux with Mutrux Finney, P.C. here. Today I want to talk about not settling your case too early.

What I’m talking about is taking the first offer that they give you or one of their earliest offers. A lot of times, they’ll say, “We’ll give you five hundred bucks and your medical bills paid for,” and a lot of times people take it because they say, “Okay.” That can prevents you from getting an attorney involved sometimes. But if you do have an attorney, what they’re trying to do is “lowball” you. They’ll lowball you from the get-go and then gradually go up over time. What you’re fighting against is, the insurance adjusters are rated based upon the age of the case. The older the case, the lower the rating. So, the more money they’re willing to throw at it.

Another danger of selling your case too early is often times your medical treatment is not done. So, you’re not able to lump that into the settlement. If you’ve asked any medical bills after the settlement, well, you’re on hope for those. It doesn’t get included in the settlement, and you don’t have the safeguards of the lien statute and other things like that where you can negotiate those liens down. So, I want to stress, do not settle your case too early because it will only be harmful to you and your case.


Attorney Tyson Mutrux describes in this video What to do With Low Ball Offers on Your Injury Claim

Hi, Tyson Mutrux of Mutrux Finney, P.C. here. Today I wanna talk about what to do if the insurance company gives you a low-ball offer right off the bat on your personal injury case. Many times what I advise you to do is to actually file a lawsuit. If the offer’s just way too low, you think the insurance company’s not gonna increase their offer much, just file a lawsuit. It doesn’t really do you any good haggling back and forth, but sometimes — just be careful — sometimes you may want to make a counter because what they’ll do is they’ll make a low-ball offer just to feel you out, and see if you really are at your high position and if you’re gonna stick there, because what they might do right away is come way up and say, “Listen. We’re just feeling you out.” They won’t tell you that but you’ll know by their second offer where they really are, what their position is. Usually what they’ll do is, you’ll see a low-ball offer and then you’ll see a significant jump, sometimes even double or triple what their initial offer was, so in that scenario you may want to stay with it, not file a lawsuit and increase those case expenses.


Attorney Tyson Mutrux describes in this video what should you do if an insurance adjuster calls you about your injury case?

Tyson Mutrux: Hi, Tyson Mutrux with Mutrux Finney, P.C.. Today I’m answering the question of what you should do if an insurance adjuster calls you about your personal injury case. Now, the first thing I should advise you to do is if you’ve got an attorney, give them your attorney’s information and just have them call your attorney and say, “My attorneys advised me not to speak to anybody, here’s their information.” That’s all you have to do if you do have an attorney.

If you do not have an attorney, it’s okay to give them the basic facts of what happened but make sure you don’t do that as a recorded statement, don’t sign anything and don’t agree to let them come over to be with you because sometimes what they’ll do, especially insurance companies like Progressive or GEICO, they’ll ask to come to your house and actually take photographs of the vehicle of you and ask you some questions. Do not do that. The main things are do not sign anything, do not let them come over and do not give a recorded statement.

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