Do I even need an injury lawyer?

I often hear, “Do I even need a lawyer? Can’t I just negotiate with the insurance company on my own?”

Yes. Absolutely. No question.

But let me tell you a little story.

We recently had a case where the client was injured in a car crash.

All she wanted to do is negotiate a fair settlement with the insurance company. One of the fairest and most level-headed clients I’ve had.

Before she came to us, they offered her $3,500. That didn’t seem right to her.

It was clear to me from the outset that the offer was way too low. The policy limit was only $25,000 and they should have paid that immediately. The case would have been over.

They didn’t. Instead, they played games and offered her only THREE THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS.

Then we got involved.

We immediately sent a demand and they offered only $5,000. We told our client to trust the process. This is what we do. We level the playing field.

In the end, we settled for $300,000.

The games the insurance company played cost them $275,000 more than what they would have had to pay if they had just paid the policy limit. We got our client the actual value she deserved for her injuries.

That’s what it’s all about.

-Tyson Mutrux

Owner/ Senior Trial Lawyer