Should I See a Physical Therapist After a Car Accident?

Today we want to answer the common question: “Should I See a Physical Therapist After a Car Accident?”

Short answer: Do what your doctor recommends.

Most of the time PT is necessary. If you are wondering if you should seek physical therapy treatment after you’ve been in an auto accident, be sure to ask your doctor for a referral.

Here are the top 5 reasons patients should seek the care of a physical therapist after their car accident:

  1. PT Supports The Recovery Process After a Car Accident

    Patients often don’t realize how bad their car accident-related injuries are until after they’ve returned to their normal daily activities. Common injuries typically include pain, stiffness, reduced range of motion, and chronic headaches or migraines.

  2. PT Can Prevent Long-Term Damage After an Auto Injury

    Unfortunately, car accidents can cause lingering damage if the patient’s injuries are not addressed right away. Physical therapy not only helps address immediate injuries by improving strength, flexibility, and mobility, but it can also prevent long-term damage like chronic pain and migraines. Unfortunately, car accidents can cause lingering damage if the patient’s injuries are not addressed right away.

  3. Being Physically Active Helps Reduce Pain

    While moving around may sound like the last thing you need to do after a car accident, being physically active can actually help reduce pain and help you recover from your injuries much quicker than bed rest. Movement pumps oxygenated blood and other nutrients to the injury site, which helps the body heal itself. As the patient regains more and more function, he or she is that much closer to a balanced and complete recovery.

  4. PT May Help Patients Avoid Surgery

    While serious car accident injuries will likely need surgery right away, non-life-threatening injuries are not exactly exempt from surgery altogether. In fact, a car accident injury, combined with natural wear and tear, may require the need for surgery later in life. This is especially true for patients who don’t seek some type of treatment to avoid these complications down the road. Physical therapy helps strengthen vulnerable muscles, tendons, and ligaments, which in turn, helps protect various structures throughout the body.

  5. PT Can Restore Function in Patients With Old Car Accident Injuries

    If you haven’t been in a car accident recently but were in one nonetheless, that doesn’t mean you won’t benefit from physical therapy. In fact, physical therapy can help restore function and mobility in patients with old car accident injuries.

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