Pointer for Depositions – Personal Injury Cases

Attorney Greg Klote describes in this video some deposition tips for personal injury cases.

This is Greg from the Mutrux Law Firm and today we’re going to talk about rules or pointers for depositions. The first rule is tell the truth. In a deposition, if you lie it is a crime and it is perjury. Deposition are sworn testimony, under oath, just as you were with a court, a judge, and a jury and everyone was watching.

The second hint is to speak clearly. Make sure the court reporter can take down everything you are saying, and all the people in the room can hear your answers.

Now, the last pointer is to make sure to only answer the question asked. The typically example we give clients is, if someone asks you, “Have you been outside today?” The correct response is, “Yes.” The incorrect response would be, “Yes, I’ve been outside today. The weather is nice. The sun was shining. It was a bit breezy. I saw a dog walking at the park.” This is giving more information than the other side is asking you, and can hurt your case sometimes.

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