Stage three of the Personal Injury Litigation Process

Attorney Greg Klote describes in this video Stage Three of the Personal Injury Litigation Process.

This is Greg Klote with the Mutrux Law Firm and today we’re going to talk about the 3rd phase of litigation, the discovery phase.

Now, during the discovery phase it’s probably the biggest stage of the litigation process. What it is, is it’s a lot of questions and answers and a lot of information gathering between the two parties. Basically the Plaintiff will send written questions and requests for documents to the Defendant. The Defendant will send the same back and they both have to answer each other. There is also discovery called, Requests for Admission and what these are, are statements. The other party, whether the Plaintiff is sending them or the Defendant, the other party has to either admit or deny these statements.

Another part of discovery is depositions. What this is, is basically a court reportered sworn testimony. Basically you get to ask the other parties the facts of the accidents and a lot of relevant information to the accident.

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