School Bullying

Let’s Talk about Bullying in Our Schools

Bullying is common and takes place almost anywhere we can think of (school, work, home and team sports). Just because it is common, doesn’t mean we need to let it go. Bullying can leave people with mental and physical scars.

In the recent weeks, Mutrux Firm Injury Lawyers have seen an increase in school bullying calls. Here’s what you need to know if you or someone you know have been the victim of bullying.

Physical Bullying Statistics

Every month, thousands of students have to face some sort of bullying, and the school bullying statistics keep growing every month. This includes hitting, slapping, pushing, or tripping. Physical bullying can be damaging both physically and psychologically. The results of being bullied impair a child from being able to function “normally.”

In many of the physical bullying cases, children do not report it to teachers or parents, and they undergo physical trauma all by themselves. Though physical scars are bad for children, the emotional scars are even worse. Children undergo stress, struggle to keep their focus, and in many cases, they become anti-social.

Here are some statistics:

*Only 36% being bullied report it.

This implies that 64% of students who are bullied do not report it to an adult. In more than 50% of the bullying scenarios, if another kid steps in to help, the bullying might stop.

*29% of students at Middle School went through physical bullying.

*29% of students went through a physical assault in the form of being hit, slapped, or kicked.

While nothing can undo all of the damage done by bullying, seeking compensation through legal action can hold school districts accountable for failing to put a stop to it. Premises liability law provides a legal basis for these claims because property owners have a legal duty to keep non-trespassers safe on the premises. Because children are the primary users of school premises, school districts have a heightened duty of care to create a safe environment. When they fail to carry out this duty, seeking an attorney for school bullying claims can help you bring them to justice.

The experienced school bullying and personal injury attorneys at Mutrux Firm Injury Lawyers represent victims of all forms of bullying, whether it’s physical, verbal or social, and we provide FREE case evaluations to help you understand your legal rights and decide on your next steps.

It’s also worthwhile to note that one of the best ways to stop bullying is to bring a legal action that lets all those involved know that their actions or failures to act come with a price. A bullying action can also allow a court to intercede and order the bullying to stop and suitable protection be given to the victim.

If you or someone you know is the victim of bullying, give us a call. We are here to help.

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