Fireworks and Homeowners Insurance Coverage

Fourth of July weekend brings scores of booming fireworks and visits to the ER for burns and fire-related injuries. Often overlooked is that most homeowners’ policies provide coverage for medical payments and liability when someone is injured. These injuries range from minor burns to much more severe scarring  and loss of eyesight (I know, ouch).

Examples of Fireworks Injuries

For example, if you’re injured at a friend’s BBQ, you are what is called a licensee (legal talk for guest).  This is important because it gives you specific protections under the law if you’re injured. However, if you were there to babysit or provide some other service, then you could be an invitee (more legal talk), which carries even more protections.

It’s Not as Easy as it Sounds

Determining this classification can be a legal nightmare, and some people end up making matters worse by handling the claims themselves. This causes the claim to drag on and typically the insurance carrier will makes promises to pay the claim, just not enough to fix the injury (and pay what is owed). Also remember that when filing a claim, you’re making a claim for insurance proceeds, not for the homeowners’ personal money.  Don’t let people tell you otherwise.

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Tyson Mutrux