4 Ways to Screw Up Your Injury Case

I often get asked by clients what things they can do to improve the chances of winning their case. This is a great question and I have plenty of tips for that. But the often overlooked question is, “What might screw up my injury case?” So, here you go… Enjoy!

  1. Failing to go to the doctor or missing scheduled doctor’s appointments. If you try to “tough it out,” then you will destroy your case. No injury exists in the eyes of the law unless it’s documented by a doctor.
  2. Not letting your attorney know about changes in your medical care. The case can be delayed by months if you don’t let your attorney know that you’ve changed doctors or that you’ve completed treatment.
  3. Not letting your attorney know that representatives of the insurance company or at-fault party have contacted you. Definitely do not make any statements to anyone without your attorney’s knowledge.
  4. Posting about your case or physical condition on social media. Stay off Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. Anything you say WILL be used against you.
  5. Not following the advice of your lawyer. Listen, I know this can be tough at times. I am stubborn, too. But you hired your lawyer for a reason, and if they’re like us, they’ve been doing this for a long time. Heed the advice they give you – they are giving you the advice because it will help your case.

I hope this helps. Now go get them!