Is it Alright to Use a Chiropractor for My Personal Injury Claim

Attorney Tyson Mutrux describes in this video whether it is alright to use a chiropractor for my personal injury claim

Hi! Tyson Mutrux here with the Mutrux Law Firm. Today I’m going to talk about a question that I get all the time and that is, “Is it okay to go to a chiropractor for my personal injury claim?” and I will tell you, “Absolutely yes, you can.” I go to a chiropractor myself. I highly recommend them. However, let me tell you this. There is a negative stigma when it comes to chiropractors, so if you have health insurance, my recommendation to you would be to go to your primary care physician and then get physical therapy. There are multiple reasons for that. It’s not just the negative stigma. There is normally with a primary care physician and physical therapy, there is a progression. Maybe you’ll go through those first and then go to the chiropractor and get pain management. I will tell you if you do not have health insurance, usually your best option is to go to a chiropractor. If you can afford some other doctor, a chiropractor is usually all you can afford. They’ll offer what’s called lien basis. But, there are other avenues. If that’s the only reason setting you back or keeping you from going to a primary care physician and then physical therapy, there are other options. At our office, we’ve got other options of getting you to a doctor that operates on a lien basis.

But, to answer the root of this question, the question is, “Is it okay?” Absolutely, it’s fine. There’s nothing wrong going to a chiropractor, but as some of these cases I’ve tried myself, I do know from asking jurors. Overall, do people have a problem with chiropractors? No, but some do, and whenever we’re talking about that in jury selection, those biases can come out. That stigma can come out, and so that does against with some people. They have a problem with it, so just keep that in mind.