Dealing with Low Offers for Your Injury Claim

Attorney Tyson Mutrux describes in this video What to do With Low Ball Offers on Your Injury Claim

Hi, Tyson Mutrux of the Mutrux Law Firm here. Today I wanna talk about what to do if the insurance company gives you a low-ball offer right off the bat on your personal injury case. Many times what I advise you to do is to actually file a lawsuit. If the offer’s just way too low, you think the insurance company’s not gonna increase their offer much, just file a lawsuit. It doesn’t really do you any good haggling back and forth, but sometimes — just be careful — sometimes you may want to make a counter because what they’ll do is they’ll make a low-ball offer just to feel you out, and see if you really are at your high position and if you’re gonna stick there, because what they might do right away is come way up and say, “Listen. We’re just feeling you out.” They won’t tell you that but you’ll know by their second offer where they really are, what their position is. Usually what they’ll do is, you’ll see a low-ball offer and then you’ll see a significant jump, sometimes even double or triple what their initial offer was, so in that scenario you may want to stay with it, not file a lawsuit and increase those case expenses.

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