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The death of Maryland toddler Thapelo Kwofie has prompted federal officials to issue a safety alert about the risks of window cords on window blinds. The  2-year-old was strangled after his head became entangled in the window cords.

About one child a month dies from strangling in cords from blinds or shades. Manufacturers have recalled 5 million window treatments in the past few months.  For the first time, government officials now recommend using only cordless window treatments in any home where children live or visit.  This is a substantial change in the government’s position, as they have hesitated to take such a hard stand in the past.

Tips for Making Homes Safer

  • Raise blinds or shades above children’s heads
  • Cut cords to remove loops
  • Make sure no dangling cords are within a child’s reach
  • Move all furniture – especially cribs – away from windows

Our Commitment to You

At The Mutrux Law Firm, we are committed to making a change and helping victims who have been affected by a mini blind strangulation death. Sometimes it is not just about the money that families of this type of tragedy are entitled to, but it is about making a change. It’s about making sure mini blind deaths do not continue to happen.

The way that this change happens, is by making the responsible manufacturers pay for the consequences that their defective products have caused. In turn, the product design is improved and defective blinds are removed from Missouri and Illinois store shelves across the country.

If you have lost a child due to a mini blind or window covering product strangulation, please accept our sincere condolences and know that we would like to help you in the fight to stop this from happening to any more families. Call our Missouri and Illinois mini blind accident attorneys at The Mutrux Law Firm at (314) 270-2273.