Stage One of the Personal Injury Litigation Process

Attorney Greg Klote describes in this video Stage One of the Personal Injury Litigation Process.

Hi, my name is Greg Klote and today I’m going to talk about the first part of the litigation process. Now, I’m referring to litigation process as after you have filed suit on your personal injury claim.

Now, typically what happens when you file suit is you have to file a petition to the court. Once the petition has been accepted by the court you are required to serve the defendant, or defendants with a copy of the petition to give them notice of the lawsuit.

This represents This requires either hiring the county sheriff that the defendant is located in, or hiring a private investigator to serve the petition or complaint upon the Defendant. Typically you have a 30-day period to serve this defendant and you have to serve the defendant to get the lawsuit going. For any questions about the first stage of the litigation process, give us a call at the Mutrux Law Firm. (888)550-4026.