What is a Closing Argument?

Attorney Tyson Mutrux describes in this video what is a closing argument?

Hi! Tyson Mutrux here with the Mutrux Law Firm. Today I’m answering the question of, “What is a closing argument?” A closing argument is simply after all of the evidence has been put on. You’ve gone through jury selection. You’ve gone through opening statements. You’ve done direct examinations, cross-examinations. You put on all your evidence. Now it’s your opportunity to argue your evidence to the jury. You put on all your evidence in front of them again. You put on your exhibits. You show them why your story is true and the other side’s story is false, and you argue. Unlike opening statements where you’re not allowed to argue, you are able to argue the hell out of it, and that’s your job at that time. In closing argument, you are arguing your case. It’s your last opportunity to talk to the jury, so you have to make it worth your while.