How do you know if you’re too drunk to drive? Yes, there’s an app for that…

The Google Marketplace and the Apple App Store now feature an app for estimating your blood alcohol content (BAC).   No, this isn’t a joke, and yes, I think it’s a great idea (even though it’s only a rough estimate).   The app even allows you to call a local cab company directly from the app.

The mobile application is being launched by the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) and will help people calculate their blood-alcohol concentration and find a cab service.  The app launches as law enforcement agencies across the state increase DWI enforcement from Aug. 19-Sept. 5.

The name of the free app is “Show Me My Buzz,” and estimates your BAC by calculating the following:

  1. The number of  drinks a person has consumed;
  2. The amount of time the person has been drinking; and
  3. The person’s gender.

Remember that the app is based on averages, and influencing factors that can change results include food consumption, medication, health and psychological conditions.

I just hope I don’t hear stories about people trying to get the highest score, although I know I will.