How to Get a Bond Reduced in Missouri

Attorney Tyson Mutrux describes in this video how to get a bond reduced.

Hi, Tyson Mutrux here again with the Mutrux Law Firm and today I’m actually talking about criminal cases and actually bond hearings and getting a bond reduced. Let’s say you’ve been charged with a crime and the judge set the bond at a really high amount. Whether you’re locked up or not at this point, let’s say the judge has set a really high amount and we need to get that bond reduced to either get you out when you do get locked up, or, if they do lock you up, so that we can get you out after you’re locked up.

The process is really simple. If there is a victim involved, it could be an abuse case. It could be where you get a DWI and an accident occurs. It could be a theft case. There are victims involved in those. We need to give the State 5 business days notice. So, from the date we file the motion and the notice of hearing, we have to give them 5 days. In that scenario where there is a victim, we’re not going to get the bond hearing the next day. In very rare instances the State will actually waive that requirement, but in most occurrences they won’t.

The other scenario might be, where there is not a victim involved. That is usually very very simple. How that may work is we might actually try to call the prosecutor’s office and try to negotiate that directly with them. Some jurisdictions won’t actually negotiate. The city of St. Louis, the Circuit Attorney’s Office will not negotiate. But a lot of other jurisdictions will, their prosecutor’s offices will. They are much more flexible and much more reasonable. So we will actually call them and that’s the first step is trying to see, O.K. will you agree to a lower amount? Most of the time they will. If they don’t, we’ll have to set up a bond hearing. Many times we can actually get a bond hearing the next day. So it’s a very quick process, quick turnaround. What we will do is we will then go in front of a judge, we’ll have our bond motion, we’ll file it, and we’ll go through it with you with a list of questions that we ask you of mitigating factors. Whether you’re a flight risk, whether you’re a danger to society, because those are the two factors that the judge considers. We’ll go over those with you and we’ll actually make our argument to the judge, and the judge will make a decision on the bond and any other restrictions there might be.

So, that should give you a good idea of how the process works. How the bond process works. If you have any other questions about that, give me a call at (888) 550-4026, or feel free to check us out at Thanks a lot and have a great day.