Legislative Updates (Traffic Laws)

SCS HB 307 & HB 812 – Special license plates Allows the Department of Revenue to issue the following special license plates
(1)  A “COMBAT ACTION” plate with an image of the combat action badge to any person who has been awarded the combat action badge;
(4)  A “DON’T TREAD ON ME” plate to any person who applies. (Signed 7/8/11)

HCS HB 354 – Emissions inspection of electric drive vehicles Exempts a qualified plug-in electric drive vehicle from the state’s motor vehicle emissions inspection program. (Signed 5/5/11)

HB 499 – Driver’s license competency assessment Adds a professional counselor licensed pursuant to Chapter 337, RSMo, to the list of individuals who can report to the Department of Revenue any person diagnosed or assessed as having a disorder or condition that may prevent him or her from safely operating a motor vehicle in order to provide the department director with good cause to believe that the operator is incompetent or unqualified to retain his or her driver’s license allowing the department director to require the person to submit to an examination in order to retain his or her license. (Signed 6/17/11)

HB 550 – Liens and encumbrances on motor vehicles, trailers, watercraft, and manufactured homes  Changes the laws regarding liens and encumbrances on motor vehicles, trailers, watercraft, and manufactured homes. (Signed 7/1/11)

HCS SS SCS SB 132 – Certain specialty lines insurance contracts (See Insurance Law)