Securing the Actual Vehicle after an Auto Accident Case

Attorney Tyson Mutrux describes in this video how to secure the actual vehicle after an auto accident case

Tyson Mutrux: Hi, Tyson Mutrux with the Mutrux Law Firm. Today I want to talk about securing the actual vehicle after an auto accident case. One of the biggest tricks that the insurance companies try to pull is getting rid of the vehicle immediately. If it’s a total vehicle, they give you a check for it right away and they get rid of it, they salvaged it. Why do they do that? To get rid of the evidence. There’s a lot of evidence on the inside, on the outside of that vehicle. So what you want to do is you want to take, at the very minimum, photographs and videos of all the way around the vehicle and inside the vehicle.
If you can, prevent it from being sold off and salvaged. If it is salvaged, track where it goes, okay. Really, really, really important is that you contact someone, if it’s a very serious accident, if it’s disputed liability, you want to hire an investigator or a company to get the event data recorder out of the vehicle. It’s like the black box of the vehicle. Most vehicles after 2007 actually have those devices. If you don’t know how to get that, if you don’t who to contact, contact an attorney. Most personal injury attorneys know what they’re doing, know how to get that information.
So it’s very key not to let that vehicle escape your — before you can actually get that evidence, get the photographs, getting the videos, because it can be used on your behalf especially if it’s a disputed liability case using the event data recorder.
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Tyson Mutrux