How a Cop Can Find Out if You are Driving While Intoxicated


Attorney Greg Klote describes in this video How a Cop Can Find Out if You are Driving While Intoxicated.

Hi, my name is Greg Klote from the Mutrux Law Firm and today we’re going to talk about how can a cop find out if you’ve committed a DWI? Really there’s three typical ways. The first way is 1) you’ve been in an accident while drinking and driving. The second, is that you’ve committed a traffic violation. The third is at a DWI checkpoint.

The accident speaks for itself. If you’ve been in an accident while drinking and driving, a cop is likely to come to the scene of the crash. The second one, traffic violations. A cop only needs to have reasonable suspicion, that means more than a hunch to pull you over for any traffic violations. Whether it means your lights are out, you’re swerving lanes, you’re speeding. Anything like that an officer can pull you over. Once he pulls you over he can then tell once he comes to your window if you have been drinking, if your breath smells, if your eyes are bloodshot.

The third way is the DWI checkpoint. At a checkpoint, the constitution allows for these. The Supreme Court has said that these are legal. And what happens is a cop comes to your window, and he is allowed to ask you out of the vehicle for his safety. At that point he can determine if you’ve been under the influence of alcohol.

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