Seeking Medical Treatment in a St. Louis County Truck Crash Case

Refusing immediate medical treatment following a motor vehicle accident could have a negative impact on a prospective injury claim. Truck accidents tend to carry massive amounts in damages and insurance companies would try their best to prevent any large payouts. If an insurer sees that a victim refused medical treatment in a St. Louis truck wreck, they would be unlikely in paying damages attributable to sustained injuries. To learn more, feel free to schedule an initial free consultation today.

Why are these Mistakes Commonly Made?

Some victims underestimate the extent of their injury due to an adrenaline rush in the moments following an accident and believe that they do not need to be examined by a doctor. In other cases, victims may be reluctant in incurring expensive medical bills. However, with the help of an attorney, victims may be able to recover compensation for such expenses.

Failing to Follow up with Doctor’s Orders

In addition to receiving medical assistance promptly after an accident, it is also important to follow a doctor’s orders on healing from an injury. If a person elects to ignore the advice of a doctor, the defendant may argue that because the victim did not follow their medical treatment, they were never injured in the first place. If victims find it too difficult to make it to their designated doctor’s appointments, they should let the doctor’s office know so they could document their reason for missing treatment.

Negative Aspects of Treatment Gaps in St. Louis County

A treatment gap could severely hurt a person’s chances of recovery. If the defense notices that a person stopped going to treatment, the plaintiff may be able to only recover compensation from the date of their accident to the day they decided no longer receive treatment. As an experienced attorney would suggest, it is important to follow a doctor’s regiment for recovery since it may protect a person’s argument for compensation.

It is important to be mindful that many victims have other responsibilities they must tend to. It may be difficult for a person with various children to attend every rehabilitation session. Consistent visits to the doctor could also disrupt the job schedule of many victims as well. Plaintiffs who relate to these reasons for missing treatment should communicate with an attorney and their medical assistant so a note could be made of their absence.

Consult with a Legal Professional Today

It is never a good idea to refuse medical treatment after suffering injuries as a result of a truck accident. By choosing to not be seen by a medical examiner, you are suggesting that you were not injured in an accident, significantly harming your chances of obtaining compensation. In order to avoid making such mistakes, reach out to an attorney today to learn more about how to protect your injury claim. A lawyer could talk to you about the claims process and the importance of seeking medical treatment in St. Louis County.