Safety and Preventative Measures in Columbia Motorcycle Accidents

There are many joys that comes with riding a motorcycle, such as the freedom of the open road as well as its quick maneuverability. Unfortunately, riding a motorcycle does come with its risks, making it vital that motorcyclists to make sure they take the right precautions to avoid being caught in an accident.

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How Could Motorcyclists Be Safe?

Motorcyclists can take a variety of approaches to help prevent crashes. The easiest is to obey all traffic laws when riding. One of the leading causes of motorcycle crashes is a driver not obeying traffic laws. The likelihood of a motorcyclist getting into a motorcycle crash drastically increases with every five miles per hour that the motorcyclist drives faster. By obeying traffic laws, the motorcyclist will drastically increase their chances of not getting into a crash.

Motorcyclists will also want to make sure that their equipment is well maintained, and that they perform routine maintenance check to make sure that all equipment is working properly. Although not all states require motorcycle helmets, it is also recommended that motorcyclists wear a helmet to protect them in the event of a crash.

What to Do Following an Accident

Following a motorcycle crash, motorcyclists tend to go through a variety of steps to fully heal emotionally, physically, and financially. It is important that anyone that is involved in a motorcycle crash get evaluated by a doctor. This should also include obtaining an MRI because many injuries are missed at the emergency room and at urgent care. An MRI can go a long way in making sure that all soft tissue injuries, including tears are identified. X-rays rarely tell the whole story, so having the MRI is crucial.

An often-overlooked component of a motorcyclist’s recovery is the psychological part of the recovery. Many motorcyclists go through many stages, where they are terrified to ever ride a motorcycle again. It can take months if not years to fully recover from this mental trauma. This is why we recommend that all riders that have been involved in a motorcycle crash see a counselor or therapist to help cope with these psychological injuries.

What Should Motorcyclists Have on Them at All Times?

They are a variety of things that motorcyclists should have on them when riding, but there are also a couple things that are legally required that they have while riding on their motorcycle in St. Louis County. The first is that they must have a valid driver’s license.

The other thing that they must legally have with them at all times is an insurance card. Due to changes in state law, this can simply be on a photograph on their cell phone. However, because connectivity in certain parts of the state can be unreliable, it is recommended that they also have a physical insurance card on their bike at all times. In addition to the legally required items, we also recommend that they have rain gear and emergency contact information of their loved ones in case of unplanned events.

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The safety and preventative measures in Columbia motorcycle accidents should be followed in order to not only avoid collisions with other negligent drivers, but to protect an injury claim as well. Failure to follow these measures could be reason for a jury to devalue a claim, making it important to make sure that the right safety measures are taken. For more insight, or if you wish to bring a claim forward, be sure to schedule a consultation today.