St. Charles Paralysis Injury Lawyer

Any injury can have a negative impact on your life, but accidents that result in permanent paralysis are invariably life-altering. Even partial or temporary paralysis could lead to hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical expenses and associated losses, and lifelong paralysis below the waist or neck may mean you can no longer work for a living or even take care of your basic needs without assistance.

If you suffered a paralyzing injury because of another person’s misconduct, you should consult a legal professional right away. An St. Charles paralysis injury lawyer could review your legal options, determine whether you have grounds to file suit, and help you seek fair compensation for the damages you experienced.

How Negligence Could Cause Paralysis

Auto accidents are the most common cause of paralyzing injuries in St. Charles and throughout the state of Missouri. However, this type of damage can also stem from slipping and tripping incidents, medical negligence, collisions during athletic events, and any other accident that results in trauma to the spine, neck, and/or brain. The specific type of injury sustained and the location where the damage occurs can produce different types of paralysis, each of which requires specialized medical care and could allow for extensive civil recovery.

Spinal cord damage can lead to paraplegia in the lower limbs and trunk or quadriplegia of the entire torso and all four limbs, depending on whether the injury in question impacts the lower or upper part of the spine. Conversely, traumatic brain damage and nervous system damage may result in more localized forms of paralysis, like hemiplegia in one side of the body or monoplegia in a single arm or leg.

A seasoned St. Charles paralysis injury attorney could help you understand the civil litigation process to recover money for any type of paralysis.

What Damages Could Be Recoverable?

The amount of compensation available to a person who experienced a paralyzing accident will vary based on how their injury impacts them financially, physically, and personally. For example, someone who works in a field requiring manual labor may be unable to hold gainful employment after their injury, so they would have grounds to seek compensation for loss of earning capacity or the costs of job retraining services.

Likewise, individuals who suffer paralysis below the waist may need specialized medical equipment and home or vehicle modifications, and those who become quadriplegic after an accident may need to pay for daily assistance from a live-in nurse or assistant. A paralysis accident lawyer in St. Charles could clarify what damages may be recoverable in a particular situation based on information obtained during an initial consultation.

Seek Advice from a St. Charles Paralysis Injury Attorney

Paralysis is a uniquely devastating outcome of an accident, and even with comprehensive civil recovery, there is only so much a monetary award can do to make up for the catastrophic impact of this type of injury. However, holding a negligent person accountable for their actions could still be crucial to give you the best quality of life possible after your accident.

An experienced St. Charles paralysis injury lawyer could be your advocate throughout the legal process. Call Mutrux Firm Injury Lawyers today to set up a meeting and learn more about your options.