St. Louis County Keloid Scar Lawyer

In short, a keloid scar is a scar that is raised, thicker, and lumpier than a normal scar. This can cause serious problems if you’re looking to have your scar injury repaired.


We see keloid scars all the time in personal injury cases. This is because most of the scars we see are caused by some sort of blunt force trauma like an auto accident or a fall (as opposed to a scar caused by a sharp object like a knife or during surgery).

Causes of a Keloid Scar

The cause of keloid scars is generally unknown by the medical community. What is known, however, is how the keloid scar begins to form in the wound.

A keloid scar begins to form within existing scar tissue. As the scar begins to heal, collagen will overgrow the wound area, causing a lump to form outside of the wound.

Symptoms of a Keloid Scar

  1. Tough, tightened skin;
  2. Itchiness and discomfort;
  3. Grows larger over time;
  4. Raised area of skin that is lumpy and rigid;
  5. Flesh-colored, usually pink or red; and
  6. Keloid scars tend to be larger than the original wound.

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