Columbia Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

Entrusting your beloved family member to a nursing home facility creates a risk that an employee of that home will abuse or take advantage of your loved one. Abuse committed against vulnerable elderly residents can leave both physical as well as mental trauma that may be difficult to detect. The expenses you and your family members may incur in addressing such abuse can be significant as well.

With help from a Columbia nursing home abuse lawyer, though, you and your family may be able to obtain justice. A lawsuit can net you and your family compensation from an abusive nursing home employee, the administration and management of the home, and others responsible if their deliberate or careless acts led to your loved one suffering abuse or neglect.

Common Causes of Elderly Abuse in Nursing Home Facilities

Many nursing homes and long-term care facilities are chronically understaffed. This means that employees must often work long shifts, which can lead them to become frustrated and angry with the residents for whom they care. Not only this, but staff shortages may encourage some facility managers to hire individuals with questionable backgrounds. Abuse in nursing home facilities may be caused by negligent conditions such as:

  • Few staff members working at any given time
  • Staff do not receive adequate training on how to care for residents with particular needs
  • Employees take advantage of a lack of supervision and physically beat or sexually molest residents
  • Staff members deliberately refuse to come to the aid of a resident in need

While the abusive staff member can be held responsible for the acts they commit, the management or administrative team of the home may also be liable to the injured resident and their family for damages. Liability may be associated with the following unreasonable and careless actions:

  • Hiring someone who had a history of abuse or other concerns
  • Not sufficiently supervising employees and their actions on the job
  • Failing to properly train new employees on how to care for the home’s residents
  • Not investigating reports by residents or their family members concerning suspected abuse or neglect

Potential Compensation in Columbia

Residents who file a lawsuit against the nursing home employee, facility, and management for compensation can potentially obtain a monetary damages award that addresses a variety of expenses the plaintiff may have incurred. These compensable expenses include the cost of medical treatment for any physical or sexual abuse, as well as costs associated with moving to another facility or making other long-term care arrangements.

Also, if the abused resident experienced physical pain or mental turmoil, such experiences can lead a judge or jury to grant the resident compensation for this as well. Other intangible but compensable losses potentially include a decline in life expectancy, a loss of one’s ability to enjoy life, and a loss in self-esteem if the resident suffers physical scars or disfigurement.

Reach Out to a Columbia Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

If you suspect your family member is the victim of abuse at the hands of an employee of the rest home, take prompt action by calling a Columbia nursing home abuse lawyer. Your legal counsel can help you take necessary steps to protect your loved one’s health and wellbeing as well as file a claim for compensation for any injuries or losses. If you are eligible to file a claim, your lawyer can help ensure all who contributed to your loved one’s injuries are held to account for their actions or inaction.