Columbia Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Cycling has increasingly become an accessible form of recreation and mode of transportation as it is a cheap, reliable, and energy-efficient form of travel. Although safety standards have improved in motor vehicles over the years, bike riders remain vulnerable as ever. Since this exposure, it is highly likely that a cyclist involved in an accident may sustain severe injuries.

A Columbia bicycle accident lawyer may be able to advocate on your behalf if you are injured from a cycling crash. If you have medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, and missed days of work due to your injuries, an experienced injury attorney could seek financial compensation for your losses.

Where do Cycling Accidents Tend to Occur in Columbia?

Some precautionary measures cyclists can take to avoid an accident is by knowing when and where accidents are most likely to occur, and then avoid those times and places. A study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administrations found that most bicyclist deaths occurred between the hours of six to nine o’clock at night. In addition, 75 percent collisions were in urban areas and 37 percent of cyclists had alcohol in their system.

All cyclists should keep in mind to ride with extra care during these early evening hours, to be careful in urban areas, and avoid drinking before riding.

Bicycle Laws

There are several laws applicable to bike riders while using the roadways that are important both for their safe riding and potentially for a later lawsuit regarding an accident. Plaintiffs should speak with a Columbia bicycle accident lawyer about their unique case because when, how, and where a rider was operating their bike could have consequences on their lawsuit.

What are the Equipment Requirements for Riding a Bike?

Missouri law is silent as to whether a bicyclist must wear a helmet while riding.  However, it is always advisable for a rider to wear one. Under Missouri Revised Statutes §307.185, any bicyclist riding in the half-hour after sunset or before sunrise must equip their bike with a front-facing lamp, rear-facing red reflector, and reflective material on the bike’s pedals.

Bicyclists are also required, under Miss. Rev. Stat. §307.183, to equip their bike with brakes that enable the rider to stop within twenty-five feet from a speed of ten miles per hour on dry and level, clean pavement.

Where and How to Ride

Miss. Rev. Stat. §307.190 dictates that bicyclists riding slower than the speed of traffic must ride as near as to the right of the roadway as possible. A bicyclist must ride with the flow of traffic, use hand signals when turning so long as it is safe to do so, and may ride on any road except an interstate.

As one can see, there are several rules applicable to cyclists while operating their bikes. The sooner a plaintiff sits down with a bicycle accident attorney from Columbia, the easier it will likely be for that cyclist to recall all the facts pertinent to these laws.

Consult with a Columbia Bicycle Accident Attorney Today

A bicycle accident can leave a rider with significant physical ailments and a substantial financial burden. If you are injured from such an incident, a Columbia bicycle accident lawyer may be able to help you achieve a favorable resolution to your situation.

By sitting down one-on-one with a local attorney, you may come to understand better the legal rights associated with your claim and what steps you can take going forward to try and enforce those rights. Schedule a consultation today to learn more about your legal options.