Punitive Damages in St. Louis County Car Accident Cases

Some car accidents are so severe that simply awarding a plaintiff for the damages they sustained is not enough. If a case is taken to trial, the jury may choose to award punitive damage in favor of the plaintiff in order to punish the defendant and deter other individuals from engaging in the same reckless behavior. As a result, victims could retain more than the damages they are owed, but they could receive an additional amount based on the level of egregiousness displayed by the at-fault party.

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Do Economic and Non-Economic Damages Impact Punitive Damages?

Economic and non-economic damages are not involved in the awarding of punitive damages. Instead, punitive repayments are solely used to punish the defendant. An attorney in St. Louis County may ask for the court to consider awarding punitive damages in favor of the plaintiff, but they do not have a say in how much the plaintiff should be awarded during the process of settling a car accident case.

Actions that may Merit a Punitive Award in St. Louis County

Certain actions may cause the jury to consider punishing the defendant by ordering them to compensate the plaintiff separate from the damages already established. For example, if the at-fault party was driving under the influence and eventually crashed into the plaintiff, the jury may decide to award punitive damages in order to make sure the at defendant does not engage in such action again. Hit and run accidents may also carry punitive damages depending on the circumstances of the case. Lastly, if a driver was found to be driving way above the legal speed limit in the moments leading up to the crash, the jury may see it best to add punitive damages as a way to discourage other drivers from speeding as well.

How Could an Attorney Handle a Punitive Damages Case?

A seasoned vehicle accident attorney in St. Louis County would handle a punitive damages case by being heavily dependent on the facts. No case is the same, so they must be treated depending on their own fact patterns. One of the keys to handling punitive damages cases is fully investigating the case and finding as much information about the other driver as possible. Without any violation of law or proof that the other driver was recklessly indifferent to them, they could not prove that punitive damages need to be awarded.

Call an Attorney about Punitive Damages in St. Louis County Auto Accident Cases

Although an attorney has no say in the final decision to award punitive damages in St. Louis County car accident cases on your behalf, they could ask the court to consider the prospect of implementing these reimbursements. They could do so by providing evidence of the at-fault party’s level of egregiousness and plead with the court to set an example for the rest of the community. While the main goal is to get you the compensation owed to you, you should still try to maximize your compensation award as much as possible. Reach out today to get started on seeking justice.