St. Louis County Hit and Run Accident Lawyer

A person commits a hit and run offense when they leave the scene of an accident without stopping and exchanging information with the other driver involved in the collision. Severity may depend on numerous factors, including whether there was severe injury or death, if the party at-fault knew they had caused an accident, or whether there were extensive property damages. Victims of this type of accident deserve to receive compensation for their many damages, losses, and setbacks. Fortunately, with the help of a professional attorney, they may be able to do just that.

If you have suffered injuries in a hit and run accident, be sure to retain a dedicated vehicle collision attorney today. A St. Louis County hit and run lawyer could provide you with representation necessary for filing a solid and successful claim.

Common Fact Patterns in a Hit and Run Case

Hit and run accidents in St. Louis County happen for a variety of reasons. The most common reason a person runs from the scene of an accident is because they have a warrant out for their arrest, or they do not have auto insurance and are afraid of being personally liable for the crash.

In other cases, the driver may have been unaware because they were incapacitated or under the influence of drugs. These types of hit and run accidents frequently occur in areas were involving a high density of street parking. A hit and run accident claimant could work with a knowledgeable St. Louis County attorney to determine the exact cause of their crash and pinpoint the best next steps.

Unique Aspects of a Hit and Run Case

Hit and run accident cases are different from other types of car accident cases. The main reason is that plaintiffs are usually not able to locate the driver that hit them. This means that the case will be run through their insurance as an uninsured motorist claim. Although the other driver may have been insured, they are deemed as an uninsured motorist under their insurance policy’s phantom driver coverage. This is a coverage that is on every policy in the state of Missouri.

Other unique aspects of hit and run injury claims involve criminal charges. In most cases, the defendant may face hit and run charges. If a defendant is found to be guilty in a criminal trial, the claimant may use that information as evidence in pursuit of compensation. A seasoned St. Louis County lawyer understands what makes hit and run cases unique and could fight to maintain an accident victim’s entitlement to justice.

Recoverable Damages in a Hit and Run Injury Case

In a hit and run case in St. Louis County, there are a variety of damages an injured person can recover. The most common type of damages they can recover include medical bills and property damage. However, most people do not know that they are also able to recover damages for future medical care, pain and suffering, lost wages, and loss of earning capacity. Therefore, to accurately estimate the total amount of damages owed, victims are strongly urged to reach out to a Sugar Land hit and run accident lawyer for professional insight.

Punitive Damages

It is not uncommon for a hit and run case to carry punitive damages. Since the driver’s alleged negligence carries criminal implications as well, the jury may elect to award the plaintiff punitive damage in an effort to deter the defendant from committing the act again. However, victims should keep in mind that the state of Missouri is entitled to 50 percent of the awarded punitive damages. The other half will go to the injured party.

Contact a St Louis County Hit and Run Accident Attorney Today

The most important way an attorney can help with a St. Louis county hit and run accident is tracking down the other driver and navigating the insurance process. In a hit and run crash case, the insurance coverage can get quite complicated. It can also be extremely difficult to locate the other driver. Using the attorney’s investigators and other resources, many drivers can be located. This can add value to the case.

For example, we recently were able to locate a hit and run driver using video evidence obtained by our firm’s investigator. This allowed us to determine that the other driver was uninsured and that he had multiple felonies out for his arrest. We could establish liability when running the claim through our client’s uninsured motorist coverage.

To learn more about the process of filing a case for compensation, be sure to schedule a consultation today.