Process of Filing a Car Accident Claim in St. Louis County

The process of filing a car accident claim in St. Louis County involves many steps and moving parts. Not only is a person responsible for calculating the damages owed to them, but they are also required to properly present the lawsuit to the at-fault party.

Considering the complexities that comes with filing an auto accident suit, it is strongly recommended to speak with an experienced legal advocate before taking any action. Doing so could prove to have a positive impact on the outcome of your case.

What is a Letter of Representation in a Car Accident Case?

The first step in filing a car accident case is sending a letter of representation to the insurance company. The letter of representation includes the name of the parties being held liable, the date of the injuries, the location of the injuries, the injuries that they allege, and allegations as to what the defendant did negligently. In addition, they should also include the amount they are requesting in compensation. However, in most injury cases, they do not need to plead the exact number. This letter also dictates that all levels of communication with the plaintiff should go through the representing attorney.

Filing a Petition with a St. Louis County Court

When filing a lawsuit in St. Louis County, an individual is required to file multiple documents with the court for the case to be valid. The most important thing that they must file is called a petition, also known as a lawsuit. After filing a lawsuit, in some counties, they will also be required to file a request for summons and a proposed order for that summons so they can have the defendant served by a special process server.

Special Process Server in Auto Injury Claims

In St. Louis County, victims are also required to file what is called a special process server form. The purpose of this form is to verify that a court-approved process server can be appointed to serve the defendant in the case. Sometimes, like when the case involves a minor, they must also file a petition for approval of next friend, which simply means that a parent or guardian will be responsible for all of the decision making when it comes to the lawsuit.

Once the lawsuit is filed, the process server or a sheriff will have the defendant served with the lawsuit. Once the defendant is served, they must file an answer within 30 days.

Retain Legal Assistance Before Taking Action

Filing a car accident claim in St. Louis County requires constant communication and knowledge of the law. Not only should a plaintiff retain the services of an attorney for their experience in dealing with these types, but they should also work with a lawyer in order to have someone who could advocate on your behalf when dealing with the opposing party or the insurance company.

To learn more about what an experienced attorney can do for you, be sure to schedule a consultation today.