Motorcycle Defects and Recalls in St. Louis County

In St. Louis County, motorcycle defects are not very common, but they do happen. Some of the most common defects in motorcycles include tires, handlebars and engines. When a defect is discovered by the manufacturer, they have the legal duty to notify their consumers of the defects and issue a recall.

If you believe your motorbike contained defects at the time of the accident and you were unaware of a recall, schedule a consultation today. A motorbike collision attorney could inform you of how the law regulates motorcycle defects and recalls in St. Louis County and how you could obtain compensation for damages upon successfully filing an injury claim against the at-fault parties.

What is the Difference Between a Motorcycle Defect and a Recall?

There are key differences between a motorcycle defect and a motorcycle recall, especially when it comes to recalls regarding motorbike models and parts. The key difference between a defect and a recall is that a defect is any flaw in a motorcycle that diminishes the safety for the rider, while a recall is what the manufacturer does to repair the defect.

Another distinction is that a recall of a part is usually associated by the manufacturer and having motorcycle owners take the motorcycle to a dealership to have that part repaired. When it comes to the recall of a motorcycle model, however, the entire motorcycle typically must be returned for the full value of the motorcycle.

Manufacturer Failing to Issue a Recall

In the event a manufacturer fails to recognize the imminent need for a recall of a motorcycle part, or a model and an accident occurs due to the deficiency of that part or model, liability tends to fall on the manufacturer of that motorcycle model or part. However, if the motorcycle rider is aware of the defect and chooses to ride the motorcycle anyway, then they could be found contributorily negligent. Riders who are unsure about their level of fault should contact a St. Louis County attorney for help with reviewing the details of their claim and maximizing the total amount of compensation available to them

Verifying a Recall in St. Louis County

In St. Louis County, a manufacturer is legally required to notify consumers of recalls. Failure to notify the public of a recall could lead to punitive damages in a personal injury case.

Another way riders could find out this information is to check on the website This website contains all current recalls on every motor vehicle in the United States. They can also check the VIN of their motorcycle through a variety of other websites, such as

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It is important to note that motorcycle defects, especially those that lead to recalls can place riders in immediate danger in St. Louis County. This is why it is important to routinely check whether their motorcycle is subject to any defects or recalls.

If you believe you have the right to compensation after sustaining injuries due to a defective motorcycle, reach out to an attorney today. A lawyer with knowledge about motorcycle defects and recalls in St. Louis County could answer any and all of your questions. Call today to schedule a consultation.