St. Louis County Medication Errors Lawyer

One of the primary benefits of a residential nursing home is the promise of around the clock medical care. These facilities claim to meet the medical needs of their residents, including arranging and administering the medication they need. Unfortunately, mistakes related to a resident’s medication can occur. These medical mistakes can lead to a host of serious medical risks depending on the medication involved.

Medication errors can have traumatic consequences for a nursing home resident. In some cases, they can be fatal. A nursing home resident injured through a medication error has the right to discuss their legal options with a skilled injury attorney. With the help of a St. Louis County medication errors lawyer, a resident could pursue the person or entity responsible for their injury.

What are Common Types of Medication Error Claims?

Medication errors can come in many forms. Some of these errors are the result of careless staff, while others are the result of inadequate training. No matter the cause, a medication error can have traumatic results.

Incorrect Dosage or Medicine

The most basic errors regarding medication can also be the most catastrophic. When medications are mixed up, a patient could receive the wrong dosage of their prescription or the wrong drug altogether. In some cases, doses that are too high or too low could have fatal complications. The same is true for patients that take the wrong medicine by mistake.

Unsafe Administration

The right type and dosage of medication are not automatically safe for use. In some cases, especially with medications that require injections, the improper administration of a drug could be harmful.

Failure to Warn

Nursing home residents have the right to stay informed of their condition and make decisions regarding their treatment. Because of this right, it is the duty of a nursing home and their employees to inform residents of any potential risks or side effects that could occur with a medication. Failure to do so could result in a claim for damages.

How is Negligence Established at Trial?

Establishing proof of damages and identifying the responsible parties are the primary factors in a medication error case. A St. Louis County attorney representing a medication errors victim can establish these factors in several ways.

Identifying the responsible parties and establishing their liability comes first. In many cases, liability will rest with multiple parties. For example, in some cases a nurse could be entirely responsible for a medication mix-up. However, if the pharmacy provided the wrong medication, both parties could be liable. A plaintiff could rely on medical records and witness testimony to establish negligence.

A St. Louis County medication errors lawyer must also demonstrate that the victim suffered harm due to the error. This harm could involve temporary pain and suffering, or it could result in the need for significant emergency medical treatment. Some medication errors could have life-altering or fatal consequences. A plaintiff has the right to pursue any of these damages from the negligent nursing home or its staff.

Call a St. Louis County Medication Errors Attorney Immediately

Medication errors can occur at any time. The large number of prescription medications nursing home residents consume each day can lead to confusion. This is especially true when a facility is understaffed or has poorly-trained employees.

If your loved one suffered an injury due to a medication mistake, they do not have to suffer in silence. To discuss your legal options, call a St. Louis County medication errors lawyer right away.