Factors of a Motorcycle Accident in St. Louis County

Due to the lack of protection afforded to motorcycle riders, victims are vulnerable to sustaining serious injury. As a result, victims tend to recover more damages for medical costs and missed time from work, making their potential compensation package significantly higher than other injury cases.

Additionally, motorcycle accidents tend to take more time than other motor vehicle accidents. Where a car accident can take six to nine months to conclude, a motorcycle accident case could take nine to 18 months to conclude. This is also due to the various horrible injuries a person could suffer, which ultimately would extend the length of a case.

Considering these and other factors of a motorcycle accident case in St. Louis County, victims looking to recover compensation should speak with an experienced attorney as soon as possible. A lawyer could review the circumstances of your case and inform you of any details that could impact your claim.

What Circumstances Would Impact the Worth of a Motorcycle Injury Claim?

When considering the dynamics of a St. Louis County motorcycle case, attorneys typically research any factors that might increase the defendant’s fault, such as texting while driving or driving while intoxicated. Factors like these will increase the case’s value due to punitive damages. In Missouri, half of any punitive damages recovered go to the state, meaning that if someone obtains a large verdict based on punitive damages, those damages will be cut in half, pursuant to state statute.

However, just as a person’s award could increase depending on how egregious a person’s negligence is, an award could also decrease based on the level of fault belonging to their plaintiff. Missouri is a pure comparative fault state, meaning that a person’s compensation award would be decreased by the percentage for which the plaintiff is at fault for. For example, if a victim is 20% responsible for the accident and was awarded a $100,000, the victim would only be able to recover $80,000.

Medical Treatment & Lost Wages in a St. Louis County Motorcycle Injury Claim

One of the most important factors of a motorcycle accident claim a plaintiff and their attorney would look at is medical treatment and the victim’s ability to heal from their injuries. If it is believed that a person’s injuries are so severe that they may have to undergo treatment for a long period of time, victims are able to recover for the expected cost of long-term treatment. This could result in a substantial award for the victim and gives them the opportunity to heal from their injuries without having to worry about the economic burden of having to pay for treatment.

In addition to medical costs, victims could also recover compensation due to lost wages. This type of recoverable damage includes missed time from work and lost earning capacity as a result of being involved in an accident.

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Being familiar with the factors of a motorcycle accident in St. Louis County is a vital requirement needed for filing a successful claim. Considering the various aspects that could not only increase you award, but decrease it as well, victims looking to obtain compensation should work with a motorcycle bike injury lawyer.

An attorney could gain a better understanding of your situation during a consultation. To begin discussing your eligibility to recover compensation, be sure to reach out today.