Insurance Claims in St. Louis County Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents can result in devastating injuries that incur overwhelming medical costs. It can be difficult for an injured person to pay for all of their newfound expenses without filing an insurance claim, but it is important to note that insurance claims in St. Louis County motorcycle accidents function differently than in other motor vehicle crashes.

If you are facing severe injuries from an accident and are unsure how to deal with your insurance company or file a claim against the at-fault party’s insurance, an experienced motorcycle crash attorney could help you obtain the compensation you deserve and allow you to focus on your recovery.

Motorcycle Insurance Differs from Other Vehicle Insurance

There are several differences between motorcycle insurance claims and claims involving other vehicles like cars and trucks. The most significant difference is the injuries sustained in motorcycle accidents tend to be more severe due to the lack of safety measures a motorcycle provides compared to other vehicles.

Additionally, there is also usually a considerable discrepancy between the amount of insurance available in crash cases when the at-fault party is not insured. Motorcycle insurance policies tend to provide lower policy limits than insurance policies involving cars or trucks. If an individual is in a motorcycle crash and the other driver does not have insurance, this can leave the injured party with less compensation to cover a far more significant injury.

For these reasons, it can be difficult for an injured motorcyclist to pursue an insurance claim after their accident, which is why the assistance of a skilled local attorney could be essential.

What are the Factors Affecting Insurance Rates?

Depending on the nature of an individual’s motorcycle crash, their insurance rates may go up. If the motorcyclist is not at fault for a crash, they should not expect their insurance rates to be negatively affected. However, if they are at fault for the crash and they were on a motorcycle, they can expect their insurance rates to rise much higher than if they were at fault in a car crash.

One reason for this comparatively steep rise is that motorcycle accidents are often caused by a biker violating the law in some way, such as by speeding or rapidly changing lanes. Multiple crashes on a motorcyclist’s record could also affect their insurance rate.

What Should Motorcyclists Include in their Insurance Coverage?

In St. Louis County, motorcyclists should include a variety of add-ons in their insurance policy, such as med pay for medical payments. This coverage can help pay for the motorcyclist’s medical bills if they are in a crash. This is a no-fault coverage, meaning it applies even if the motorcyclist is at fault for the crash.

Riders should also obtain underinsured motorist coverage for times when they are involved in a crash with an at fault driver who does not have a large auto policy.

A St. Louis County Attorney Could Aid Your Insurance Claim in a Motorcycle Accident

In the aftermath of a motorcycle accident, an injured person may find it difficult to navigate negotiations with insurance companies without the assistance of legal representation. If you are facing this situation, let a qualified St. Louis County lawyer handle your motorcycle accident insurance claim and give you peace of mind throughout your recovery process. Call today to schedule an initial consultation and discuss your case.