Proving Liability in a St. Louis County Motorcycle Injury Case

In a motorcycle accident case, victims must keep many factors in mind to obtain a positive result. However, successfully proving liability against the at-fault party may be the single most important element. Failing to prove liability could have a disastrous effect on the victim’s efforts to obtain compensation. Fortunately, individuals injured in accidents could retain the services of a trusted legal professional for help proving that the defendant was negligent.

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Importance of Recording Evidence Following a Motorbike Crash

There are several steps a victim could take in order to add validity to their claim. One of these steps should be taken in the moments right after a crash has occurred. If possible, victims should record evidence of their accident by taking photographs and videos of the scene of the crash as well as any property damage and injuries sustained. In addition, victims should seek immediate medical relief. Not only is this for the benefit of an individual’s condition, but a legal record of a person’s injuries would be created once they visit a doctor. This record could also be used as evidence in order to prove that a victim suffered their injuries as a result of the crash.

How Does Law Enforcement Determine Liability for a Motorcycle Accident in St. Louis County?

Determining liability in a motorcycle accident is not always easy. Law enforcement use a variety of tools to evaluate an accident to determine who was in fact at-fault. Although the opinion of a police officer is not admissible as evidence in court, their observations are. This is why police officers look to the weather conditions, the mental and physical conditions of the drivers involved in the crash, skid marks, yaw marks, vehicle speeds and direction of travel when determining who may be at-fault.

How Is Liability Determined in a Hit and Run Motorcycle Accident?

In St. Louis County, a hit and run crash can affect how liability is determined in a variety of ways. If the responsible driver is never caught, and if the injured party does not have auto insurance for their motorcycle, then they may be unable to recover damages.

If the at-fault driver is caught and prosecuted, the motorcyclist can pursue them for punitive damages, which could increase the value of their claim. However, if the other driver is not caught, the injured party can still recover compensation under an uninsured motorist claim. In Missouri, all policies have a minimum of $25,000 in coverage, which allows accident victims to recoup some of the costs of their medical bills.

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Although gathering evidence and filing a claim may seem like a straightforward process, the defendant will do whatever is necessary to reduce the total amount of damages or have the claim tossed out. With the help of a lawyer experienced in litigating motorcycle injury claims, however, injured individuals may be able to obtain the compensation they deserve.

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