Steps to Take Following a Motorbike Accident in St. Louis County

Most people have never been in a motorcycle crash, and it can be difficult to know what to do because it is such a jarring experience. Once they have gained their composure, it is important that they get the names and contact information of all witnesses to the crash. If possible, they should also make sure they take photographs and video of all individuals involved as well as their vehicles. This information can be used by an accident reconstructionist to recreate the accident, to determine who was at-fault in the crash.

If you are having trouble collecting this type of information, reach out to an experienced attorney today. A lawyer could inform you of the steps to take following a motorbike accident in St. Louis County. Call today to learn more.

When Should a Victim Open an Insurance Claim?

Victims should open an insurance claim immediately after a crash. However, if they believe they are not at-fault for the crash, they should have a legal representative do this on their behalf. This is because the insurance company will immediately want to obtain a recorded statement from them before proceeding with a claim. There is no legal requirement that a person give a recorded statement to the other driver’s insurance company, so having a dedicated lawyer in St. Louis County will help them with navigating their motorbike accident claims process.

Victims Who Do Not Have Insurance

If a motorcycle accident victim does not have insurance, they should open a claim with the other driver’s insurance company. However, they should not do so until they have consulted with a lawyer. It is also important to know that they should not give a recorded statement to the insurance company because it will be used against them.

Obtaining Medical Treatment

Victims should make sure that they seek medical treatment immediately even if they believe they are not injured. This is because most motorcycle crashes lead to head injuries, some of which are not known until hours, days or weeks after the actual crash. In addition, seeking medical attention following an accident creates a legal document which could be introduced as evidence. By having this legal record, a victim’s claim would be strengthened.

When Should a Person Contact an Attorney?

If they believe they were not at-fault for a motorcycle crash and they were injured, then they should contact a St. Louis County lawyer immediately afterward. This will allow the lawyer to start obtaining evidence for their case to help make sure that they can shore up liability before the insurance company gets to the potential witnesses, to alter their opinions of what happened. It is also important to get a lawyer involved immediately so they can help them, help guide their treatment, to make sure they get the best treatment possible.

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The moments following a motorcycle accident could prove to be difficult to navigate through. Not only are victims in a state of shock, but they may also not realize that they are in a position where they could take certain actions to strengthen the validity of their claim. To learn more about the steps to take following a motorbike accident in St. Louis County, be sure to schedule a consultation today.